The first time I climbed Arthur’s Seat this spring was in January, and as I wrote earlier, that time we weren’t very lucky with the weather. Even though the thick fog surrounding Arthur’s Seat made for some interesting photos, it ruined our chances of seeing the city from above. So, when Laura and Elina came to visit me in the end of March and the weather turned out amazing, I decided to take the girls up the hill, hoping there wouldn’t be a sudden fogcalypse this time.

As we made our way up, I could already see that we’d hit the jackpot with visibility. The sky opened above us clear and deep blue, and looking down, we could see far into the horizon. When we reached the top, I was bursting with happiness – finally, I was here, with amazing views and two of my best friends as company.

Sitting and admiring the landscape, we heard a man tell his companions that the mountains visible in the distance were the Trossachs, all the way beyond Glasgow. I was awestruck! I had no idea that on a clear day, you could actually see that far. I recognized the Forth bridges in the horizon, and thought that the hills would be some smaller ones on the way through the lowlands. It was somehow incredible to look at the mountains and to know that I could see over a couple hours’ drive into the country, and that I’d actually been all the way up there earlier.

All around Scotland (and in areas in England), you can find gorse bushes with their bright yellow flowers. The funny thing about gorse is that it has a strong coconut scent!

Looking at these photos makes me a tiny bit sad, since I’m leaving Scotland in a bit over a week and don’t think I’ll have the time to venture up to Arthur’s Seat again before my flight back home. Actually, right now, I’m sitting home with a sore throat, a cough and a runny nose – not exactly how I imagined spending my last days in Edinburgh. I can only hope to get better before Wednesday, which is when I take my last little trip in Scotland before going home. More coming up later 😉

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