This summer, I visited the Savonlinna Opera Festival (and the town of Savonlinna itself) for the first time. The Opera Festival is held annually at the Olavinlinna castle, which stands on a small rock island in the lake area of Saimaa, Eastern Finland. The castle is an impressive venue for opera shows. We went to see Verdi’s Macbeth, which was especially well suited to be performed in a castle, since the opera is set in a Scottish castle. Verdi’s dramatic music paired with haunting lights projected on the castle walls – an effective combo!

The opera wasn’t the only thing we got to enjoy. It was also nice to walk around the town of Savonlinna and watch the town breathe the festival. There were restaurants and bars filled with people, and some of the shops (even a little crafts/souvenir shop) stayed open after 11 p.m., so that opera-goers could make the most out of their visit even after the shows.

The weather made for some awesome photos – at first it was cloudy and even some ominous grey clouds loomed over the castle, and then, from the middle of the clouds, the sun burst out. After the opera, I was able to get some beautiful shots in the dusk.


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