I’m a twenty-something girl from Helsinki, Finland, who blogs about her life, thoughts, and travels – whenever she feels like it. This blog is my personal corner of the internet; a place to store my memories and share them with the world; a channel for expressing myself. I don’t seek a large audience or hope to get thousands of followers. Documenting my life, publishing my work, and perhaps inspiring someone out there is enough for me. Since I write mostly for myself, I also write in the language that feels best at a certain moment. This means that sometimes my posts will be in English, sometimes in Finnish. Sometimes I might even add snippets in French or Swedish.

I study Information Networks at Aalto University with a major in user-centred design, and am pursuing a Master’s degree in tech. I love fiddling with code and I also love visual stuff like drawing, oil painting and photography. People sometimes seem to think that logic and creativity don’t go hand in hand (computer nerds can’t be artsy!), but I think it’s quite the contrary – programming, which is seen as something highly logical, is actually also incredibly creative work. I guess this blog is kind of my little manifestation of using a combination of tech and visual stuff (yup, I wrote the code for this blog myself) to create a platform for my own creativity.

When I’m not staring at a computer screen, I’m probably in choir practice, struggling with school work, reading fantasy novels, out on a run, drawing, or hanging out with friends and family. My greatest ambition is to learn how to live my life without letting my strong melancholic side take too much of a hold on me, and just enjoy everyday life instead of stressing myself out about little things (the struggle is never-ending).

A reminder for myself and others from none other than our beloved Albus Dumbledore: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.